There are so many analogies thrown around for writing a book. It is often a marathon or a mountain climb—tasks that the average person sees as a significant undertaking (and for good reason). Accomplishing something as remarkable as writing a book is also an emotional journey.

Accomplishing anything great is an emotional journey. It is often helpful to understand what that journey will bring. Psychologists have even studied it!

When you began the early stages of your book you most likely had the following thoughts and emotions:

“This is the best idea EVER!”
“This is really going to be fun.”

About a quarter of the way into the writing process, those feelings shifted a little:

“This is actually REALLY hard.”
“This is going to take A LOT of work.”

At the halfway point you hit what psychologists who study the creative process call “the Muck.”

“I have NO IDEA what I am doing!”

You probably remember those emotions. The midpoint of the creative journey is tough. Some people get lost there… but it isn’t the toughest part of book writing. Most people are able to power through the midway fog and start to climb their way up the mountain again—they get past that 13th mile in the 14th and 15th.

“Okay,” you think, “but this process still sucks.”

It is actually somewhere between 60-80% completion that writers begin to experience utter hopelessness.

“I’m going to call it a day and just decide that this was a learning adventure.”
“I’ve learned something – but I just am not cut out for writing.”

We meet writer after writer who has put in all of this hard work just to throw in the towel. Some of them are just 2 chapters away from the finish!

The truth is that most people just don’t understand the simple strategies to conquer the phases of the process. In order to finish the book you have to acknowledge that writing a book is as hard mentally and emotionally as running a marathon or climbing a mountain is physically!

Can you imagine getting to mile 20 of the Boston marathon and quitting? Can you imagine being able to finally see the peak of Everest and giving up? I CAN’T EITHER! Yet that is what so many writers do simply because they don’t have the mental and emotional framework to power through those last few chapters.

Once you understand the emotional journey and acknowledge that it is truly a tough process then you are ready to apply three simple concepts that will help you finish your book!

Three Keys to Finishing Your Manuscript:

  1. Let Go of Perfection
  2. Reimagine “Progress”
  3. Know Where You Belong

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