Have you heard the word “metadata”? It’s publishing industry jargon that sounds more intimidating than it really is.  

Metadata means information about your book, and good metadata is critical for sales. But do you know what makes good metadata?

How about “keywords”? Seems obvious, right? But how do you use keywords to help people discover your book?

With 32.8 million books for sale on Amazon (let that number sink in for a minute) and more than 500,000 new books published every year, you can’t afford to distribute your book without setting it up properly with the right information.

Failure to make proper use of keywords and other metadata is like taking your book into a large library and randomly putting it on a shelf with hundreds of other titles. The chances of someone who wants to read it stumbling upon it are slim to none.

You need to use the tools of the publishing industry to make retailers and readers aware of your book.

But what is proper metadata and what tools do you use?

Jerri Helms, Senior Director of Digital Marketing Initiatives for HarperCollins Christian Publishing Group, put together this fantastic presentation, Why We Need Keywords and How to Find Them!

She’s mapped out the process successful authors follow. In this presentation, you will see authoritative information and assistance on your journey to becoming a successful author.

  • How keywords and other metadata function
  • Practical guidelines for getting your book found
  • Best practices to identify and assign keywords

Jerri works with the marketing teams of Nelson Books, Zondervan and other publishing divisions on keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), Amazon strategies, email marketing, and social media marketing.

There’s a tidal wave of information about publishing and most of it originates from people and organizations with no reputation or experience. This is your chance to obtain information from one of the industry’s foremost experts. Don’t miss it.

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