The dream of being an author often provides the initial inspiration for wanting to write. Yet, it takes more than a dream to keep writing.

Life is full of work, family, and many obligations. Writing is something we want to do, but so is time with friends, exercising, building relationships, and other worthwhile activities.

Are you struggling to start or finish your book?

You are not alone. More than half of the Author Gateway community says that finding time to write is their #1 challenge.

We each have a limited number of days to do something significant.

It is time to write your book.

Author Gateway hosted the webinar, Finding Time to Write, with #1 bestselling ghostwriter, Matt Litton. It is available for replay now in the Resources area of our site. The webinar begins with Pete Nikolai, director of publishing services for HarperCollins Christian Publishing, walking us through 4 keys from his book 7 Secrets to Writing Your Book. Pete tackles issues head-on, including:

  • What has been holding you back?
  • What is your vision for life as an author?
  • What will writing your book accomplish?
  • How can you be intentional to write and finish your book?

This webinar, Finding Time to Write, also includes:

  • The complete digital workbook, 7 Secrets to Writing Your Book
  • An invitation to our private Facebook Group
  • Q@A with #1 bestselling ghostwriter, Matt Litton

Matt Litton has made the journey from writing as a hobby with a regular fulltime job, to getting a book deal with a major publisher, to becoming a fulltime professional ghostwriter for multiple bestselling books. Matt gives us first-hand insight into:

  • His personal writing process
  • His methods for getting started and getting unstuck
  • Ways to increase productivity, and much more

Writing probably isn’t as easy as making breakfast or getting ready for work—at least not yet.

This seminar will encourage you with practical, actionable advice to get writing again and embrace everything that comes with it.

Check it out now to get insight and encouragement to write and finish your book.