Author Gateway Offers An Application-Only, 6-Week Online Intensive Designed to Help You Land Your Dream Literary Agent and Sign a Book Contract with a World-Class Publisher.

Get the Results You Desire With Our 6-Week Online Intensive (Deadline to Apply is October 4, 2022) 

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“Getting published is like climbing Mount Everest, so why do so many writers show up to basecamp in tank tops and flip flops?"
— Premier Christian Literary Agent
What if the greatest books in the world never had a chance to exist?  

We’re looking at you, aspiring author.

Since the dawn of social media, the quality of content on your bookshelves has declined. When you think to yourself, I can do better than this, you’re not wrong. 

Authors are no longer chosen based on their inspired story, beautiful prose, piercing insight, or compelling characters or message. They’re picked based on their ability to sell books from day one (think celebrities, athletes, politicians, and well-known business people). 

Yes, the writing is still important. But here’s the hard truth: traditional publishers can improve someone’s writing; they CANNOT improve someone’s ability to sell books. 

Consequently, the most renowned publishers in the world melt under the intense pressure to sell, marring a previously pure mission to publish worthy messages. 

But there is hope, author—so much hope. 

Author Gateway aims to solve the problem of traditional publishing by exponentially increasing your ability to sell books. Doing so allows literary agents and acquisition editors at major publishing houses to bump your name to the top of their list. 

How do we accomplish this? By giving traditional publishers exactly what they want to see in your book proposal, convincing them to give you money to write your manuscript. 

At the end of the 6-week Intensive, you will have created the primary assets required to win a traditional book contract. 

A Winning Book Proposal

Get your submission out of the slush pile with design that tells a story and personalization that connects with the publishing board.

Eye-Popping Author Platform

Demonstrate your discoverability to publishers by showing them you know how to build a loyal readership and sell books.

Uncommon Industry Access

Connect with literary agents, acquisition editors, and publishing professionals in a way that 99% of writers cannot.

Top-Notch Community

Develop deep connections with other writers on the same journey and strategize how to enhance each other’s author careers.

Finish What You Started

Accountability to make sure you do the work necessary to put you in the best possible position to land an agent and win a book contract.

Easy-To-Accomplish Assignments

We’ve designed each task to be as easy as drag-and-drop so that you save oodles of creative energy.

Gain Unprecedented Access to

Major Christian Literary Agents and Publishing Houses

Kathleen Kerr

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Kelsey Bowen

Acquisitions Editor

Linda Howard

Associate Publisher

Steve Laube

Literary Agent

David Sluka

Acquisitions Editor

Rachelle Gardner

Literary Agent

Jessica Sharpe

Senior Editor

Amanda Luedeke

Literary Agent

Pete Ford

Literary Agent

Mary DeMuth

Literary Agent

Keely Boeving

Literary Agent

Julie Gwinn

Literary Agent

Tom Dean

Literary Agent

David Hancock


Mick Silva

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Supercharge Your Book Proposal Today!

  • Get Your Book Proposal Out of the Slush Pile and into the Hands of Literary Agents and Acquisition Editors.
Getting into the literary world is like an initiation into a secret society. 

But what is the most important tool you need on the journey to becoming a successful author? A pen? A laptop? A good thesaurus? A polished manuscript? 

Actually, the most important item in the author’s toolbox is a quality book proposal. Without it, a writer has almost no hope of attracting the attention of a traditional publisher. 

Yet shockingly, this critical proposal is treated as an afterthought by many unpublished authors who then wonder why they receive rejection after rejection despite all the effort they’ve put into writing a book.

When professionally prepared, a good book proposal communicates to the industry that you know what it takes to write, publish, market, and sell a book. 

Whether you’ve written your first book or your tenth, you need to make sure that your proposal stands out from the crowd and shines the best light possible on your manuscript.

Forget Your Manuscript (For Now)

Even if you’ve written a book that will change the life of every person who reads it, it’s your book proposal that is the key to opening doors with literary agents, acquisitions editors, publishing boards, booksellers, and even the media. 

Agents and editors receive thousands of submissions, and very few of these industry professionals will have time to read any of your manuscript, so your proposal must do the vital initial work of creating interest in you and your book. 

Sending a completed manuscript unsolicited—i.e., before it’s been requested—is an immediate indicator that you are not a professional and that your manuscript would likely require a lot of extra work to edit, market, and sell.

There are nuances to even the simplest information in a book proposal, nuances that telegraph whether the writer is a professional or an amateur. These small details will tell an acquisitions editor either that you’ve been around the block and are going to be easy to work with, or that you have little knowledge of—or regard for—the art and mechanics of book publishing.

Due to the demands and their time and very real budgetary concerns, publishing pros can manage to read only a limited number of projects each year. 

If an agent or editor is faced with deciding between two book projects with similar potential, the proposal that requires less work up front has a significant advantage. 

The time you put into your book proposal will ultimately save time for the people who will work on your behalf in the future, because you’ve already answered many of their questions. This 6-week Intensive is designed to help you focus your time (and your proposal) to save you and others time in the long run.

Tired of Rejection? Do This!

All authors have experienced the pain of rejection. Repeated rejection is simply part of publishing. What many writers fail to realize, however, is that most rejections are caused by poorly researched, poorly written, or poorly constructed book proposals. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can produce a professional book proposal by applying for our 6-week Intensive. 

Our Intensive is full of valuable insights from industry professionals and will tell you exactly what they want to see from you. 

At the end, you can feel confident that you are casting your book in the most appealing light possible, thereby giving it the greatest chance of success.

Start the process of supercharging your book proposal when you apply to be a part of our exclusive 6-week online intensive:

6 Weeks to Your Dream Agent and Traditional Book Contract

In this intensive, we will work alongside you to employ turnkey services and to prepare and pitch a jaw-dropping book proposal that makes agents and editors salivate. 

Members of our intensive, which takes place weekly via live and recorded Zoom meetings with Caleb Breakey, will receive feedback on their book proposals from literary agents, acquisition editors, and industry professionals! (So you don't have to travel to meet them, or wait months to receive feedback). 

Additionally, one writer will be chosen to be considered by the HarperCollins Christian Publishing acquisitions team! (Thomas Nelson, Zondervan). 

Plus, you'll receive the resources needed to build your readership, start a movement, and generate income doing what you love all while enjoying accountability, community, and support as you follow the program. 
This intensive can move your proposal out of the slush pile and into the “I need to see more!” file.

Deadline to Apply is October 4, 2022) 

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
“They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, who else is going to counter the principalities and powers we are up against? Because if Christian writers don’t, then we’ve already given up the world to whatever other wordsmiths want to say." 
 — Premier Christian Literary Agent
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