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Tired of getting rejection letters?

Want to impress literary agents?

Ready to get picked by acquisition editors?

Get A World Class Book Proposal Today

And Get Reactions Like This 

"Oh, goodness' sake. Holy smoke. I don't know what the book is about, and I don't care—it's gorgeous." — Literary agent's reaction to our book proposal sample
"I love the proposal! It’s comprehensive and well designed. It would most definitely catch my eye if it came to me!" — Acquisitions Editor at major Christian publishing house

Make Agents’ and Editors’ Jaws Drop

With A Systemized Process That

Builds Your Loyal Readership

"I want two reactions: The first is, ‘Cool, I can sell that.’ And the second is: ‘What’s the book about?’ Because as a consumer, you will make a snap judgement on a title or cover, and you’ll say, ‘Cool, that looks interesting. What’s it about?”
— Premier Christian literary agent 

Gain Unprecedented Access to

Major Christian Literary Agents and Publishing Houses

Kelsey Bowen

Acquisitions Editor

Linda Howard

Associate Publisher

Steve Laube

Literary Agent

David Sluka

Acquisitions Editor

Rachelle Gardner

Literary Agent

Jessica Sharpe

Senior Editor

Amanda Luedeke

Literary Agent

Mary DeMuth

Literary Agent

Keely Boeving

Literary Agent

Julie Gwinn

Literary Agent

Tom Dean

Literary Agent

David Hancock


Kathleen Kerr

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Mick Silva

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Pete Ford

Literary Agent

Author Gateway Helps You… 



Supercharge Your Book Proposal out of the Slush Pile

With design, video, and essential platform elements


(Most Important)

Demonstrate Your Discoverability to Publishing Houses

With a systemized process of building a loyal readership



Connect with Literary Agents and Acquisition Editors

With industry access that 99% of writers do not have

If you are a Christian writer trying to win a traditional book contract, you've come to the right place.

We are the best team in the country dedicated to helping men and women of faith land a prominent literary agent and sign with a major Christian publisher.

Backed by more than 200 years of experience, HarperCollins Christian Publishing is home to Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, and some of the bestselling books and most influential authors in the world.

Author Gateway gives you access to expert training and services you cannot get anywhere else. Our goal is to help you land a literary agent and sign with a traditional publishing house while dramatically reducing the work required to become a successful author.

The world needs the distinct message God has put on your heart.

To keep this gift inside of you would deprive you and readers all over the world. This is why it’s so important that you win a book contract with a world-class publisher. Today is the day, not “someday.”

Our most frequent clients are writers who have received rejection after rejection from literary agents and publishers due to a lack of platform. If this sounds like you, then we’re the perfect team to turn your proposal into an outstanding demonstration of why you’re a writer who they must publish.

We are not the right fit for everyone, mind you.

We do not stroke egos or tell our authors what they want to hear—we focus on what they need to do to land an agent and win a book contract so that they can reach the readers who need their message most. So if you have a thick skin, we might be just the right fit for you. We work with dozens of writers per year and keep your book idea strictly confidential.

We’d love to hear from you, learn about your book, answer any questions you might have, and chat about how we might help you create a book proposal that wins a book contract and reaches thousands of people with the gospel.

Your Proposal is the Trailer for Your Book. Make it Fun, Engaging, and Leave Us Wanting to See More.

“Don't make it easy for us to put your proposal down.”

— Jenny Baumgartner, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Thomas Nelson

You Must be the CEO of Your Career as an Author.

“You need vision. You must care that deeply. About your craft. About how you build relationships with readers.”

— Daisy Hutton, Vice President and Publisher of Hachette Nashville

Results We Want For You

Secured Traditional Book Deal with WaterBrook & Multnomah

“I had a burden to release a book, but I did not have the time or expertise to make it happen. Then I found the secret sauce: Caleb Breakey and his team.”

— Michael Todd, New York Times best-selling author of Relationship Goals

Wrote Her Book After Years of Putting Off Publication

If I knew writing a book was going to be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago. The (Author Gateway) team puts you at ease and makes the process so painless and pleasant."

— Barbara Carneiro, Owner of Word Revolution and 412 Labs

Grew Email List by the Thousands

“Caleb Breakey and his team serve as a catalyst to the blueprint God has for your life. If you’ve put that content away in a file—never to be used again—then you need to get in touch with Caleb.”

—Nate Sweeney, Founder of the Abiding Network

Is Author Gateway Right for You?

If you are just sitting down to write your book, actively writing, or you are struggling to finish…

If you’ve finished your manuscript but aren’t sure what to do next…

If you’ve written manuscript after manuscript but experienced rejection after rejection due to a lack of marketing platform…

Then watch 6 Weeks to Your Dream Agent and Traditional Book Contract and we'll send you a FREE copy of 3 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Literary Agents and Signing with a World-Class Publisher

Get Started Today

A partnership with Author Gateway is more than an investment in a book and platform—it’s an investment in yourself.

Once your time on this earth is finished, all that will remain is your legacy.

And those who choose to invest in themselves by writing their book will leave behind a legacy that will impact souls for years to come.

Don't get distracted by secondary tasks that will not contribute to a lasting legacy. Let’s talk about your book.

— Caleb Breakey, Book Proposal and Author Platform Expert
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